Projectify brings project management to TiddlyWiki, extending it to let you capture thoughts, plan projects and schedule tasks.


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From simple to-do lists to complete GTD workflows

A comprehensive set of features.

Whether you need a few simple to-do lists or complex workflows & methodologies like Getting Things Done, Projectify got you covered.

Features include the Inbox, Projects with custom categories, drag&drop of tasks between projects, scheduling, next actions, priorities, and more.

And because it is built on top of TiddlyWiki, Projectify is infinitely customizable.

Interconnected notes & projects

Build your second brain.

TiddlyWiki is an excellent note-taking & knowledge-base app with unique, compelling features.

Link your projects and tasks with your other TiddlyWiki notes to build an interconnected second brain.

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No server required

True privacy.

Store your data in a single portable HTML file that you can put on a USB stick, serve it on the web, use offline-first databases such as Pouchdb/Couchdb, use the P2P Hyperdrive protocol with Beaker, and more. It's your choice.

More saving options

Free & open-source

No storage limit or paid plans.

Projectify is and will always be free to use, without any restriction. No storage limit or paid features.

Projectify is hosted on GitHub and released under the MIT license. We welcome contributions, whether it is in the form of code contributions, translations or ideas.

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Projectify is currently available in English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French and Simplified Chinese.

You can join and Help us translate Projectify into more languages!